Who Nightpunch?

Nightpunchh punches through the Night Nightpunch is a Chicago based musical duo comprised of members Mo Allen and Greg Szydlowski. Formed in May of 2013, Nightpunch made a splash on the scene with instant hit songs such as “Clap a Hand, Clap a Face", “We Won The Night” and “We are the Gods of This". Inspired by pop/rock/dance music of the 80s and 90s, Nightpunch combines intricate vocal harmonies with their astute and poignant observations on life and humanity and, of course, with their killer dance moves. Fans of Nightpunch have been sending rave reviews of recent performances saying things like “YESSSSSSS” and “Hooray!”

The M-O

Earth Name: Mo Allen

Mo Allen loves punching the night with her buddy Greg! She is also a dancer, actress and improviser. You can catch her improvising with Sam Hill at the Playground Theater or Tap dancing with the company JorsTAP Chicago. She has been fortunate to be a part of several shows at the Annoyance Theater having performed most recently in the musical, Manic Pixie Dreamland and she is looking forward to the opening of the original play, Team Machine.  This summer, Mo will spend a week performing in Maine with ImprovAcadia.


Earth Name: Greg Szydlowski

Greg is nearly identical to Mo with the exception of several differences pertaining to background, experience, appearance, and gender. For years he has been producing comedy music and videos for his own fake record label / website PrettySpecialRecords.com. He also provided the music and lyrics for the award winning musical short film Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story which was selected to screen at the prestigious San Diego Comic-Con International. He recently was the music director for Manic Pixie Dreamland which enjoyed an extended run at the Annoyance Theater in July of 2013. The M-O was great in it.



The Public House Theater — 10/08/2013

This video has three whole songs!  You can watch it all the way through (recommended) or skip to the individual songs by following the links below:

Playground Theater — 6/29/2013

The Public House Theater — 7/23/2013



Look at!


Annoyance Theater — 6/7/2013